“Chillouts” 15 mins/£15

The Perfect add-on to any treatment or great as  a quick  stand alone treatment for areas that need extra attention

While no one knows your skin better than your skin therapist, only you know how you feel.That’s why you can customise your  treatment with your choice of chillout, 15 minutes of extra attention where you need it most:- e.g

  • Stress relief Back “Chillout” massage
  • Stress relief Neck and Shoulder “Chillout” massage
  • Stress relief Foot “Chillout” massage
  • Stress relief  Scalp “Chillout” massage
  • Age Reversal Facial “Chillout” massage
  • Hand and arm “Chillout” Treatment
  • Chest “Chillout” Treatment
  • Legs and Feet “Chillout” Treatment
  • Back “Chillout” Treatment