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My name is Rebecca.

Beke (pronounced bk) Skincare is set in a white garden in  the grounds of a converted Chapel. Beke is a Hungarian word meaning peace…This is what you are promised when you visit.

The white garden resembles peace,calm and tranquility.The motif the maple leaf resembles our skin ,bodies and minds ever changing through the seasons of life.

I look forward to caring for you and offering you peace and tranquility

Rebecca Clevett

Recent Testimonials

  • I love going to Beke's. It is an oasis of calm and tranquility on these dull, muddy winter days. From the moment I step in I am transported to an altogether softer, warmer and more glamorous world, pity I ever have to leave and get back to reality"

  • Having been a client of Beccy's/Beke for many years I can highly recommend a visit to her salon. Beccy's service is always friendly and relaxed yet professional. I always leave her salon feeling thoroughly pampered.

  • Beke a peaceful haven in Capel where you will receive individual beauty treatments in a tranquil setting.

    Sue Partridge
    Sue Partridge
  • Whatever sort of day I’ve had, I leave Beke feeling relaxed and refreshed. The summer house is elegant and very chilled out. Beccy is an excellent beautician – quietly friendly, always happy to advise, never pushy, never rushed. Being the only customer makes every appointment feel like a special treat. Highly recommended!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is reddened patches; or small or thick bumps on the skin.

It’s believed that rosacea is caused by an underlying genetic condition involving overactive blood vessels; however, the medical community remains unsure of its cause. Rosacea first shows on skin as reddened areas that come and go when a stimulus is present, but can progress into a permanently red condition with possible pimples and breakouts.

Only a skin care professional can tell you if you have rosacea, or are suffering with skin sensitivity/sensitization. However, there are steps you can take to help control flare-ups:

• Take note of what stimulates flare-ups (extreme weather, stress, strenuous exercise, alcohol, and some foods).
• Staying away from products with artificial fragrances or colors.
• Wearing sunscreen anytime skin is exposed to daylight.
• Keep alcohol intake to a minimum.
• Don’t over-cleanse or excessively scrub skin.

Why is collagen important in skin?

Collagen is a protein produced in the body that connects, supports, and helps give firmness and strength to the body’s tissues.

By the time we reach our 30th birthday, we will start to lose 1% of collagen with each subsequent birthday. Collagen production slows as we age, which impacts the skin’s ability to repair itself, triggering a loss of elasticity.

Because of collagen’s role in firmer, taut skin, many skin aging products include ingredients that help stimulate collagen production.

I tan to help clear my oily skin. Is this ok?

Absolutely not. Sun exposure is never good for skin.

While it may seem the sun provides a temporary “drying” effect, sebaceous glands will fire into overdrive to help replace lost oil. The result: more oil on the surface than before. Shielding skin from sun exposure with an oil-controlling SPF such as Oil Free Matte Block SPF20 will actually help control oil production and maintain a matte finish.

Following a prescribed regimen that helps control oil production will help minimize your risk for breakouts.

My skin looks great after completing my skin care regimen in the morning, but by mid-day, I have a slick, shiny surface. How can I stop this?

Making a few adjustments to your skin care regimen can help control oil production from morning until night.

Create a “matte kit” that fits conveniently in your purse or backpack for mid-day touch-ups. Your kit should include oil-free lotions or sunscreens containing MICROSPONGE® technology that helps soak up excess oil. It can also contain wipes loaded with Salicylic Acid (not alcohol!) to help degrease skin, help prohibit acne bacteria, and keep skin feeling fresh.

Can I use your products if I use an electric razor?

Yes. Shave system products can be used by those who shave with electric razors.

Products that will fit into your electric razor regimen include Clean Bar, Daily Clean Scrub, Post-Shave Balm, and Daily Defense Block SPF15.

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